If you don’t have a plan, you become part of the plan of someone else.

Let me help create your plan!

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Coached by Jan in Dutch
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What’s going on with your energy?

A coach helps you finding your energy

Who is a coach for?

  • For the not totally satisfied professional who is considering a switch in careers

  • For the ambitious young professional who doubts whether the chosen path is the right one

  • For the expat who is struggling to built up a life in The Netherlands and could use some help

  • For everyone who is considering a (big) change in life and would like assistance

What does coaching require from you?

  • The will to overcome your inner resistance by having an open attitude and self-reflection

  • The will to enter the confrontation with yourself and break old (destructive) habits

  • The will to take responsibility over your life without blaming others or circumstances

  • The will to take the lead over your future by taking actions that push you forward

Possibilities for Coaching

What’s most suitable for me?

Coaching can take place both online or in person in Utrecht. Both options have their own distinct advantages. You determine which option suits you best. Of course, I can provide advice during the free intake conversation.

Temporary offer

Do you still doubt whether a coach can really be of value in your life? To make things a bit easier, I’m running a temporary offer until the 1st of January 2020. Until then, your first session will cost you only €49,-.


Power Workshop

What do you get?

  • 1 extensive online workshop of 1,5 hour based on your coaching question

  • Clear insight into your coaching question with practical next steps

Price per workshop: €89,-
(For more than 1,5 hours of coaching)

Find your Energy

What do you get?

  • 3 extensive workshops of 2 hours in Utrecht based on your coaching question

  • In the meantime, I’m available via Whatsapp in case of any questions

  • Tips, exercises, and assignments that help you realise the desired change

  • Clear insight into your coaching question with practical next steps

  • Finally, a nice cup of coffee (or tea) with a delicious cookie 🙂

Price of package: €349,-
(For more than 6,0 hours of coaching)

In Person

Rediscover your Energy

What do you get?

  • 3 extensive online workshops of 1,5 hour based on your coaching question

  • In the meantime, I’m available via Whatsapp in case of any questions

  • Tips, exercises and assignments that help you realise the desired change

  • Clear insight into your coaching question with practical next steps

Price of package: €259,-
(For more than 4,5 hours of coaching)

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I am Jan

  • 100% passionate coach and only satisfied when we jointly have achieved a result that brings you further

  • Naturally empathic & compassionate, while simultaneously being pragmatic & result-driven

  • Extensive experience as Management Consultant at Deloitte Consulting -> I know what it’s like to perform under pressure

  • Devoted sportsman who enjoys challenges like running marathons and cycling long distances (e.g. Tilburg-Paris in one day)

  • Serial explorer and traveler that gets energy from new experiences and exploring things outside my comfort zone

  • Masters degree in Business Economics from Tilburg University with an exchange year of 6 month in Canada

  • Certified as Strategic Intervention Coach by the Robbins Madanes Training Institute

Want to know more about me? Click here for my personal story

My approach

I like to take time for coaching sessions. From own experience, I know that it takes some time to get comfortable and to open up. That’s why I don’t like working on a tight schedule. Nothing is more frustrating than monitoring a ticking clock. That’s why the workshops last at least 1,5 hour.

We start with an extensive talk around your situation and the coaching goal(s) you have. If you don’t have a specific goal for the coaching yet, that’s fine too. Then we mutually identify your goal. In this process I’m very curious to you as a person and your underlying motives & ambitions.

I like energy, activity and dynamics. That’s why the coaching sessions are called workshops. I will be putting you to work with assignments, I will ask challenging questions and sometimes I will use visualisations. That’s how I make sure you’ll get the best result for yourself.

I set high standard for myself and I’m not easily satisfied. Each session will be diligently prepared and I identify potential helpful assignment on forehand. In the end, I’m only satisfied if I helped you making significant steps towards your coaching goal.

Result? More energy and…

  • Purpose & relaxation in your life with a clearer goal and with more focus

  • Emotional resilience & flexibility for handling setbacks

  • Balance between business & private life with better performance and less stress

  • More self confidence, less fear en more inner peace

  • Insight in what really matters to you: your deeper underlying values and convictions.

  • Growth! In focus, in relations, in balance and in self knowledge

What others say about me

Jan really helped me structure my thoughts. He is a great listener and prepares for every session by developing thought-provoking exercises and analysing previous sessions. Would 100% recommend him if you are looking for a professional direction.

Anonymous, Management Consultant (expat)

Jan helped me when I was looking for advice in my career. While enjoying a cup of coffee together, he offered me a listening ear while simultaneously giving me practical tips for the future. I would describe Jan as a warm personality who is 100% committed to achieve the desired result. 

Ibrahim Barbery, -


Let’s get to know each other

Have you become excited by the Coached by Jan website? Or have you became curious what I could mean to your life? Fantastic! Let’s have a chat with each other via the phone. Completely free and without any obligations.

You tell me about yourself and how I might help you. I will tell you how I work, and whether I think I’m able to help you. That’s it! And you only proceed if you feel completely confident & comfortable. I won’t push you, that’s a promise!

I understand that your time is valuable. By clicking on the orange button below, you’ll be redirected to the online scheduling module. In this module you can book a free call into my agenda on a time that suits you best. See you soon!

All the best,


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